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Google to Use Machine Learning to Manage Ad Frequency When Cookies Are Missing

Google announced it will soon be using machine learning to manage ad frequency when third-party cookies are missing. This change will first roll out in the coming weeks to Display & Video 360, though Google has plans to bring this capability to its display offerings in Google Ads as well. Google is rolling out this change as […]


Search News: Google now showing competitor ads on local business profiles

Google has been slowly ramping local search monetization over time. It introduced local search ads in early 2017, which put ads in local packs, and began putting ads in local Knowledge Panels roughy two years ago. Now, the company is starting to show competitor ads in local business profiles. A ‘Local Campaign’ placement. Part of Local Campaigns, the ads are […]

Google extends same-meaning close variants to phrase match, broad match modifiers

Who’s on-board with Google’s new match type update? Not me! Broad match modifier is exactly what it should be. No close variant matches needed. As we all know, Google’s definition of “close variant” hasn’t proven to be very accurate, especially if you offer very niche products and services. What’s your thoughts?

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