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It’s always a challenge for companies, when full-time employees choose to leave their jobs. When this happens, there’s typically a transitional period where your remaining team member are strained in order to fill in the gaps until this new full-time role if filled. This is where I come in.  As a temporary resource, specializing in all paid media, I will step in immediately to manage your accounts. With my vast knowledge of paid media over the past 18 years, I’m able to step in immediately, learning your business and your accounts, and take over your account while you’re searching for your next full-time resource.

As part of my on-demand freelance services, I offer part-time, project-based, off-site and on-site freelance support. If you’re in need of temporary help to get things started for your business or if you need on-going paid media support, please call me today at 940-268-1398.

I manage and optimize all aspects of accounts including:

Google Ads or Bing Adcenter set-up
Keyword research & expansion
Budget management
Account Strategy / Account Restructure
Bid & position management
Day-parting & hour of day bidding
Negative keyword management
Audience targeting management
Ad copy testing
Landing page testing
Social media management
YouTube Advertising

Consulting: If you need help developing your digital marketing strategy or need temporary hourly support to fill in the gaps or support special projects, please contact me today to get started.

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