PPC Audit Process

As part of our PPC auditing process, I will review your current Google Ads or Microsoft Ads account, identify the areas for improvement and build a fully-tailored paid advertising strategy to improve conversions and/ or ROI. My audit consists of a 50 point audit checklist to analyze your account structure, settings and campaign strategy. I will create comprehensive reports with details about missed opportunities and recommendations on how to fix them.

Campaign & Ad Structure Analysis

Review campaigns and ad group structure, segmenting ad groups in different campaigns and ensure that ads & keywords are targeted efficiently. Determine campaign structure based on audience targeting, locations, match type and network.

Keyword Audit

I will analyze how your exact, broad and phrase match keywords are being utilized. I will review negative keywords and recommend more keywords to be added to reduce irrelevant traffic. I will use broad match keywords, if necessary, to place your ads in front of a wider audience and exact match to reach out to the target market.

Landing Pages and Ad Messaging

I will make sure that new ad copy strategy and landing page suggestions along with relevant keywords are in alignment.

Impression Share

I will evaluate your paid search campaign’s impression share to make sure that the ad reaches the target audience.

Bid Management and Budgeting

I will review the current setting and bid amounts so that you gain maximum returns as per your budget.