Paid Social


Drive Awareness & Increase Reach

Social media ads are an inexpensive way to get the most reach for your content. Social media campaigns vary in cost and can be much smaller when compared to the cost for traditional advertising methods. Whether you’re looking for reach, engagement, or sales – the case for advertising on social media marketing has never been stronger.

Data Collection

The data collected with paid social metrics is valuable because it can also help you to see which audiences you should be targeting and more, and further increase success rates. You can also use Facebook’s Pixel to retarget users who have already engaged with your site and have shown intent to convert on website.


Here are five key benefits to using paid social media advertising for your business:

Amplify your reach
Boost brand awareness
Enhance your targeting
Maximize your content marketing
Gather market insights

Organic Social

We will manage your social media accounts and work with you to build rich content, create a marketing calendar to schedule rich and engaging content designed to drive awareness, gain visibility and increase follower engagements.

$500 Monthly Management (Rates could increase based on scope)

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