Paid Search

How do you make meaningful connections with your online customers? Every business will connect with customers in different ways, but the key to making this connection, especially as you start to build your search strategy, is to start with understanding your business objectives, target audiences and service offering. This is the first step to clearly understand your customer’s needs and target market, which will ultimately dictate the direction of your paid media strategy. Once the needs are establish, the next step is to understand the path to conversion. If you’d like to hear more about my approach, call me today for your initial consultation.

What you need to know about paid search

Building a successful paid search program is more than just driving search engine traffic to your website. It’s about understanding your customer’s journey and building a search marketing plan that reaches these customers and communicates to them at every point in their shopping journey. My job as a Digital Marketing Consultant is to create a unique paid search strategy that takes your customer’s shopping journey into perspective. That means, building out targeting campaigns with remarketing audiences, demographic targeting, time of day targeting and location-based targeting to reach prospective customers at the right time and at the right place.

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