What are you doing to further enhance your Google Ads program in 2020? If you’re unsure, you should definitely consider refining your audience targeting and definitions to further segment and target these individual audiences with unique creative and landing pages. This means, segmenting your search and display campaigns based on these different audiences, which will help you to align your budgets, bidding and message strategy for these individual audiences.

If you’re unfamiliar with how audience definitions work on Google Ads, let me fill you in. You can add audience targeting to your ad groups within campaigns and reach people based what pages they visited on your site, who they are, their interests and habits and what they’re researching. Audience targeting can boost your campaign’s performance by reaching people browsing websites, using mobile apps or watching videos.

The data used to generate these audiences is fundamentally used used to improve the bidding and targeting of your Google Ads campaigns. Therefore, the concept of segmenting your campaigns by audiences will help to drive efficiencies for your account and allow for better automation of your campaigns.

This approach can also be applied across all of your paid media programs.

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