Driving Excellence through Expert Training 

Most small businesses don’t have the expertise needed to create a digital marketing plan that will drive powerful website presence for their business. There is a constant struggle for business who lack resources to be consistent with their marketing tactics, which is needed to drive daily traffic to your website.

As a marketing coach, I provide on-demand support to guide you through the basic and advanced level marketing tactics that will help drive visibility for your business and ultimately reach your business goals. I start with the basics – training on Google Maps, Yelp, Google Ads, social media, remarketing and display. I will help you understand how these marketing channels are set up and how to maintain these accounts on an on-going basis. I also help you understand your website analytics which will help you understand the value of the traffic coming to your website. Once you understand who is coming to your website and who is purchasing or not purchasing on your website, you can ultimately optimize your marketing tactics and approach to better target more users who are taking action on your site. That means, you can shift your marketing tactics and targeting to focus on users who are more likely to convert on your website.

Local Training

If you need help developing your digital marketing strategy or need temporary hourly support to fill in the gaps or support special projects, please contact me today to get started.