Is it now time to rethink your paid search strategy?

As U.S. states start to open up their markets over the next few weeks, advertisers are now faced with executing new digital marketing strategies to adapt to the new changes in the market. In this new environment, consumers are now looking for more concise information about what they want and how to get it.

Amid these changes as a result of COVID-19, advertisers must first work to better understand this new consumer behavior and adapt their marketing approach and objectives to meet these needs. So how do advertisers tackle this type of challenge if they are working with a modest budget or budget cuts? Digital marketing is a great place to start. As states progress to open up their markets from 25% capacity to 50% and beyond, the need for digital marketing will be critical to get their business back on track.

Below are my top 10 tips to help you rethink your advertising strategies and regain momentum for the second half of 2020.

  1. Audience Targeting – As your start to scale your PPC campaigns and ramp up your PPC budget, consider adjusting campaign audience targeting to prioritize users who are more likely to convert or take action. Analyze the behavior of in-market and remarketing audiences to determine which audiences to target or exclude from your search campaigns.

  2. Ad Scheduling – Modify daily and hourly ad scheduling to ensure ads are running during peak times. Plus, consider your call center hours to determine if you should pull back on mobile CPC bids outside of customer service hours.

  3. Bid Strategy – Switch to an automated bidding strategy (ROAS or CPA targeting); set conservative targets to start and allow the smart bidding technology to gather enough data needed to optimize your bidding.

  4. Optimization – Focus first on keywords and ad groups that have consistently and historical performed well for you (analyze pre-COVID performance).

  5. Geo-targeting – Exclude regions with low conversion rates. Gradually, start to expand your geo-targeting as your campaign starting start to regain momentum and improve in conversion rate.

  6. Remarketing – Continue re-targeting users who have previously visited your website. This will help to keep your brand top of mind with these users, driving them back to your website to complete a specific action. Refresh remarketing banner creative and test different headlines and descriptions in your new responsive display ads.

  7. Ad Extensions – Update your ad extensions (sitelinks, callout, structured snippets and promotions) to indicate any new changes in your business. If you’re using account-level ad extensions, take the extra time to design campaign-level ad extensions to better personalize your ads.

  8. Ad Messaging – Analyze historical CTR and conversion rates of your your responsive and expanded ad text. If you haven’t optimize or refreshed your ad creative in 2020, it’s definitely time to do so now.

  9. Promotion – Test new PPC-only promotions and landing pages to improve conversion rates (create urgency including promotion deadlines in your ads).

  10. Continue Researching – Leverage Google Trends “rising queries” to identify new trends in your market and fine-tune your keyword list.

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