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Located in Dallas, TX, Visionary Search provides full service paid search, remarketing and social media services, as well as outsourcing services to large digital agencies and advertisers. Since 2004, we’ve delivered customer-centric search engine marketing and social media strategies that put the customer at the heart of everything you do. We focus on data-driven insights to reach users at the right time and the right place during their customer journey.

On-demand freelance services

It’s always a challenge for companies when full-time employees choose to leave their jobs. When this happens, there’s typically a transition period where your remaining team members are strained in order to fill in the gaps until this new full-time role if filled. This is where we come in.  With our vast knowledge of paid search and social media over the past 18 years, we’re able to step in immediately, learning your business and your media accounts, and take over your accounts while you’re searching for your next full-time resource.

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