Founder/Consultant – Melissa Fontenot, Dallas, TX

Since 2014, I’ve specialize in search marketing and paid media to help grow digital businesses in industrial, energy solutions, consumer products, and construction markets.

Located in Dallas, TX, I offer consulting and project-based services in all areas SEM training, new account strategy, A/B testing, on-going account management and analytics. My goal as a Consultant is to help companies drive digital excellence by customizing their paid media and social media strategies around their business needs. That means, understanding their target audience, competition, product offering and services in order to deliver a marketing strategy to drive awareness, engagement and ROI.

I provide digital marketing services in Paid Search (PPC), Remarketing and Social Media Advertising expertise to:

  • build more brand awareness
  • increase visibility and facilitate discovery
  • generate demand for products and services
  • enhance conversions and qualified leads


Phase 1 – I begin each digital marketing strategy consulting project by conducting data analyses, audience research, and client interview exercises that allow me better understand your business and brand. I use this information to identify cost-effective ways to reach your key audience segments using competitive advantages and the best digital marketing channels that will achieve your business goals.

Phase 2 – Next, I establish valuable and realistic marketing and sales goals and craft an effective digital strategy to achieve these goals across optimal online marketing campaigns that will include Google Ads, Social Media, Display Advertising, Online Promotions and Content Strategies.

Phase 3 – Establish roadmap. For a swift transition into campaign launch, I am able translate your custom Digital Strategy into a well-organized, tactical project road map. This project plan activates online marketing channels and internal teams / agency partners to implement your digital marketing strategy alongside other traditional advertising.

I can help you build a seamless digital marketing campaign launch plan that maintains an uninterrupted, consistent and positive brand experience for your audiences across your brand footprint.

Contact me today to learn more about my digital marketing service.

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