Since 2014, I’ve specialize in search marketing to help grow digital businesses in the electrical, energy solutions, industrial and residential markets.

Located in Dallas, TX, I offer freelance and project based services in all areas SEM training, new account strategy, A/B testing, on-going account management and analytics. My goal as a Consultant is to help companies drive digital excellence by customizing their paid media and social media strategies around their business needs. That means, understanding their target audience, competition, product offering and services in order to deliver a marketing strategy to drive awareness, engagement and ROI.

I provide digital marketing services in Paid Search (PPC), Remarketing, and Paid Social Advertising expertise to:

  • building more brand awareness
  • increasing visibility and facilitate discovery
  • generating demand for products and services
  • enhancing conversions and qualified leads


Contact me today to learn more about my digital marketing service.

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